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It was a great and a blessed day. I was welcomed early in the morning with the morning sunshine. I heard Abena Serwaa greeting sister Akos on our compound house. “Sister Akos, Afrihyie paa. Na wo ho te sen?” [Sister Akos, Merry Christmas. How are you?, in Twi] Hmmm.

It was a Christmas Day. On the 24th of December, almost everybody went to church. On my way to church, I saw my community being decorated, the people dressing decently. And I also heard the crying of some cocks which were being killed.  The Pastor shouted happily, “Hallelujah, our Saviour is born!” He preached about the birth of Jesus Christ, the three wise men, and how King Herod was planning to kill Jesus Christ, our Saviour.

After the church services, I searched everywhere looking for my mother. But she was nowhere to be found. I went back home and asked my grandmother where my mother could be. She said, “King, don’t worry, your mother will be back sooner or later.” I had to wait patiently and hold fast ‘til she comes. However, I was bored and went to play football with some friends. I came back in the evening and still realised my mother was not at home. I was confused and really angry at that moment for the fact that I hadn’t eaten since the previous morning. My uncles were playing Play Station. They were really enjoying it, so I couldn’t distract them. The kids in my house were eating fried rice and chicken. But I was a vegetarian, so I couldn’t eat such food.

Later I collected money from my grandmother to buy banana and some oranges. After I finished eating the fruit which I just bought, I was still willing to know where my mother was. So I asked my grandmother once more, “Grandmother, please can you tell me where my mother is?” She said, “Your mother will be back in some few minutes.” I could see through her eyes that she was lying. But who was I – like, a five-year-old child – to challenge a whole grown woman that she was telling lies.

After some period of time I heard my family members shouting, “Awurade yeda wase, se wode no akƆ duro bƆkƆƆ asundue mu.” Within some few seconds, the news spread everywhere. I tried to ask my grandmother, “Grandmother, please can you tell me what’s going on?” She told me, “Your mother has arrived safely in Germany.” At that moment, I was really happy about the situation. But later, I regretted it. Since the day my mother left me, I had been living with my grandmother.

At the age of 15, or 10 years after my mother left me alone with my grandmother, I was informed my mother was processing everything to bring me to Germany. There I could see my new siblings and enjoy the life in Europe. My expectations were really high. I knew when I get to Europe my life will change forever. I will get to eat healthy foods, be with my family (my mother and siblings), and attend a great school. I knew the economy there is different as compared to Ghana; there is no littering of rubbish on the street; police are working hard, protecting their citizens; life is enjoyable over there, and many more.

On the 18th of May 2016, I finally arrived safely in Germany. The temperature was under 30 degrees and it was a hot day. The sun was shining beautifully and the atmosphere was quiet. Oh, the blowing of the flowers, the rivers in the city, the giant buildings! Everything was perfect. Seeing my mother again made my day. I saw differences in her: she became a little bit fat, short and fair in complexion. In the afternoon, she brought me home and I was welcomed with the scent of jollof rice and the vegetarian sauce. Later, I joined my mother to pick up my siblings, whom I have never seen before. They were really excited to see me and they told me, “King, we’ve missed you a lot and we were willing to see you physically.”

In the sum of all what I said, Ghana remains my beloved country. Country of my great ancestors, I will like to love you best. Being my only home, wherever I go. All over the four cardinals. Be it good or bad, home must I return. East, West, North, South, they say home is home. And Germany, on the other hand, remains in my heart. It is a great place to have comfort and peace, a great place to have better education and better economy.

Thank you very much. 


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