Jacky's Spoken Word

A scary experience

I remember a time in Ghana when I was seated in front of the tv watching a scary Nollywood (1) movie. I was having ear pain. Like an ear infection or so. The sound of the tv was normal but the music and sound of a particular scene was so high and that kind of annoyed me. I was smelling “anointing oil”, a heavy smell of olive, which was poured in my ear to fight against the infection. It was so uncomfortable that I laid down on the mat which my aunty put on the floor for me lie on. I was feeling sick and I was so sad. I was alone in the living room, while my aunty was preparing my food. She brought me rice and stew and fish or so and then left again. I could not even enjoy the food due to the movie that was on tv. There was a man in the movie who was lying in a casket with cottons in his nose. It was his funeral and there were people crying, eating, and going around the casket. There was a band playing music. The camera zoomed in on his face as he woke up and the people there started running away. This scene was so scary for 5 year-old me that I rushed out of the room, leaving the food behind. I went to the kitchen to find my aunty and she told me to go and sit in the porch and rest.


(1) A term that is used to refer to the popular Nigerian film industry.

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