Share your stories of travel and migration

Are you a young person (between 15-25 years old) who migrated, made a trip (or more) to your or your parents’ home country?

Or are you a person who remained in your home country while your parents migrated abroad? 

Or are you a parent of a young person with these experiences?

We’d love to hear your story!

 Please share your story by filling in the form below. It can be a few lines or several paragraphs (but please keep it to max. 500 words).

Some examples of topics:

  • How have your migration and/or trips to your home country impacted your life and education?
  • What opportunities and/or difficulties did you experience because of your trips?
  • How have people in your school (teachers, heads of school, or students) reacted to you traveling? Were there positive or negative experiences to who people reacted?
  • What are your experiences of living without your parents because they migrated? What do you see as positive and what do you see as negative?

(We are also interested in stories from parents whose children have had the experiences above.)

We would like to use your stories for our research. To protect your privacy, the stories will not be published with your full name or any information that can identify you.

Share your stories of travel and migration

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