King's Spoken Word



Freedom and justice

Happy face but pocket dry

Some fake and many try

Some smile and some cry

The cry wasn't a sad one. It was bittersweet. 

Asante Kotoko (1) forever, but all I could smell was Gobe (2)

The nation was quiet but the mosquitos were loud

So was the rhythm in me when I was dancing Azonto (3)

"Fine boy fine boy", just to see it was my brother 

"The girls want to see you", only to tell them I am about to baptize them with some holy water

It was on this day that I knew I wasn't a human, I was a machine

Excuse me, but you said you were sad

How can a machine be sad

Oh, I see. So you really thought I was a machine. 

Now we want freedom and justice 

Our hearts are cut into slices. They are cooked with onion and spices

while we are still in a phenomenal crisis 

We want freedom and justice

Freedom and justice


(1) A professional football club based in Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

(2) A popular dish in Ghana that is made of gari (cassava flour) and beans.

(3) Azonto is a popular contemporary dance and music form from Ghana that involves knee bending, hip movements and non-verbal communication in a rhythmic fashion.  

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