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Ghana is my Home

My mum always said home is the comfiest place to be. Ghana is my Home because the culture, the people and the food are all in me.

Fufu, Waakye, plantain or peanut butter soup are dishes that I call my favourite food.

And I grew up speaking Twi, the beautiful mother tongue of Ashantis.

‘’No place like home’’ they say, a place that you go to everyday, a place to feel peace and at ease. Home is a place where you should feel safe. Home is familiar, where you won’t want to escape, but how can that be if you have never been?

But Ghana is my home!

because the traditions, my family and the people are what makes it Ghana I say! And if the population in Ghana is now spread around the world, in places like Germany, the UK, Belgium or Italy - can the Gold Coast (1) really be that far away?

I call Ghana my home because home is not a place, it’s a feeling. '’With you I am home’’, they say. Maybe you don’t have to be there everyday.


(1) Gold Coast is a term used during the colonial period to refer to the territory now known as Ghana due to the abundance of gold and other natural resources in the region. The name was changed to Ghana after the country gained independence in 1957.


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