Prince's Spoken Word



The sun scorching so hard my body couldn’t take it

Noises so loud my ears can’t take it

Laughing out at ideas that are realistically possible

With them, my second family

Oh how life will be without them

They are my friends, my family, the people I need and know can rely on

The beautiful moments we shared together I hold dear

The unforgettable moments I’ll always keep with me

The stupid moments that I’ll never forget I keep close to my heart

All the moments I’m never forgetting, it’s here with me

All the moments we had together I keep playing in my head

Over and over and over again

These friends I keep close

We might be miles away from each other but these moments always makes me feel close to them

The one time we speak in a month I try to take with me forever

With them I’m home

With them I feel safe

With them I know I’m where I belong

Them I’m never forgetting

Them they make me whole!

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