Deboraw's Story



Life is a joke. That is what I keep reminding myself every day. Within one second your whole life can be changed in an instant. Which can be a good or bad thing depending on the situation of course. Life can be beautiful. For instance, when I think about primary school and the beauty and simplicity of those days. I remember the only worries I had was getting home in time so I could watch one of my favorite shows, winx club. Life can be happiness. Happiness for such things like being surrounded by amazing friends in the middle of the summer with some cold drinks and food underneath a tree. Enjoying each other’s company with laughter and sharing tips and jokes. Happiness and simplicity. That’s when I feel good, happy, loved and at home. That’s part of my identity.

Life is an ongoing process. You live, you learn. Trying to find yourself. Making mistakes as you go. Big ones and little ones. Making mistakes as you go. Big ones and little ones. Finding my true identity. I’m never going to be enough. I’m never going to be Ghanaian enough because I’m partially Ghanaian. I’m never going to be Nigerian enough for the exact same reason. I’m never going to be Dutch enough. And honestly that’s completely fine. I am all  the above but all at once, all at the same time. Sometimes I am more than the rest. I have a lot of values and morals that could be considered something I picked up from The Netherlands and which are more Western. But I know for instance that my future wedding will be very West African. I wouldn’t be able to stop eating West African food or ignore where my ancestors come from and the history. I don’t need to choose between any of them. I owe all three countries the person that I am today.

The Netherlands made me someone who is very independent and opinionated. Someone who isn’t scared to express herself and someone who can stand up for herself. It gave me the memories I will forever remember and the people I will forever cherish and love. It gave me opportunities, options and ways of bettering myself. It also opened my eyes and made me wise, seeing and understanding things I wouldn’t have been able to comprehend earlier. My Nigerian identity makes me disciplined and fierce and strong. It makes me resilient and confident. My Ghanaian identity makes me warm and loving. It makes me dependable and caring. It shows me humanity and servitude.

There is no such thing as home-home. Home is whatever you make it. Home is where you are loved and at peace. Home is where you feel safe. Home is the people you surround yourself with who make you feel happy, loved, secure and safe. Home is where you feel connected and a sense of belonging. Home is life. Life is home. 

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