On 24 January 2019, Dr. Ghosh visited Maastricht University, where he gave a workshop ‘Storytelling in historical and contemporary migration research’.

During the workshop Dr. Ghosh shared how he writes fictional stories based on global events and politics and gave us tips and tricks. Issues that were discussed were e.g. how to find a clear storyline in the complexity of people’s lives.

Programme of the workshop:

Storytelling in historical and contemporary migration research
Research is about telling stories that are grounded in empirical and theoretical work. In this workshop early career researchers will discuss with Amitav Ghosh how to tell better stories, be it in their scientific writings or for wider audiences such as policy makers or teachers. We will discuss the challenges we face and exchange on questions such as how he deals with choices in his own work when developing his novels, where the main characters are often very idiosyncratic individuals with unique personalities, but their stories do feed into a larger narrative about historical periods. 

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