Valentina Mazzucato part of Studium Generale Lecture Series on Migration

​On 15 March 2017, professor Valentina Mazzucato gave a lecture titled ‘Migration and the welfare of families’ at Maastricht University, as part of the Studium Generale lecture series on Migration. 

Presentation summary:

Migration is often talked about in economic or political terms, yet it has far reaching consequences for families and their well-being. As the basic building block of society, healthy families are important to foster. Most global migration entails the separation of family members when some members migrate and others stay behind, creating transnational families. What does this separation entail for family members and how does it affect the way they are able to function as a family? This lecture focuses on African migration to Europe and asks the question how do European migration policies influence the ways transnational migrant families fare.

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