MOTRAYL international workshop on “Youth-centric Methods/Approaches”

The MOTRAYL project hosted an international workshop to interactively and creatively investigate “Youth-centric Methods/Approaches” on 19 and 20 September 2018 with the invited participation of four international experts. Each expert, coming from different European institutions and disciplinary backgrounds in anthropology, youth studies, and geography, designed interactive exercises about methodology for the five PhD’s, and four MO-TRAYL faculty members.

Five PhD’s, along with four MO-TRAYL faculty members, learned and experimented with methods involving theatrical intervention, role-playing, collage-creation and observation. The participating PhD researchers also presented their most pressing methodological challenges they encounter during fieldwork. Collectively, participants were stimulated to think through possible solutions.

The workshop turned out to be a mutual learning experience for all participants: PhD’s described the workshop as stimulating and thought-provoking, resulting in concrete resolutions, and the experts left with new ideas about how to bridge their research and teaching activities. This workshop was the first in a series of international workshops to be organized in the context of the MOTRAYL project, which is funded by the ERC.

[picture by Eric Bleize]

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