MO-TRAYL researchers featured in video project on ethnography

As part of a video about the Ethnography Group at Maastricht University, MO-TRAYL researchers Gladys Akom Ankobrey and Sarah Anschütz give insights into Team Ethnography as practiced in the MO-TRAYL team to study transnational youth mobility. They explain how MO-TRAYL has used team ethnography as a collaborative way to gain insights both in different fieldsites and through the eyes of different researchers.

The video project was an initiative by Anna Harris and Lotte Thissen, who founded the Maastricht University Ethnography Group in 2013. For the video, they invited fellow ethnographers to share what kinds of methods they use. Other researchers featured in the video include Jessica Mesman, Cristian Ghergu, and Mareike Smolka.

Published online on 21 December 2021, the video can be watched here (the part on Team Ethnography starts at 3:46).

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