MO-TRAYL involved in project 'Expats x Migrants'

Prof. Valentina Mazzucato, MO-TRAYL Principal Investigator, was a co-applicant for the project 'Expats x Migrants', which was awarded a Diversity and Inclusivity grant by Maastricht University in 2021.

'Expats x Migrants' is an idea of photographer Tetsuro Miyazaki. It prompts reflection and dialogue around the categories of 'migrant' and 'expat' by presenting photographs of 20 foreign workers in The Netherlands from various parts of the world and working in various occupations and prompting viewers to ask themselves: ‘Do you see an expat or a migrant?’

The project was launched at the MACIMIDE 2021 conference in Maastricht and will travel to various locations around The Netherlands.

Visit the ExpatsxMigrants website for more information and to see the photographs.

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