MO-TRAYL researchers participate in workshop on ‘Homeland Education in Critical Global Perspective’

MO-TRAYL PhD researcher, Sarah Anschütz, and MO-TRAYL PI, Valentina Mazzucato, participated in an online workshop on ‘Homeland Education in Critical Global Perspective’, organized by Ruth Cheung Judge at the University College London on 6-8 January 2021. The workshop was designed to ensure in-depth engagement with the participants’ written work and provide feedback on submitted drafts. Sarah and Valentina submitted a paper titled ‘Home’ visits through the lens of elite mobility: Uncovering experiences of personal growth of transnational migrant youth. The paper argues that while personal growth experiences have been researched for young people without migration background – in research on travel and student mobility – we need to pay more attention to migrant youth’s visits to the country of origin: trips to Ghana provide resources in the form of self-confidence and reflection moment that can be useful for migrant youth’s lives in Belgium. Ruth Cheung Judge acted as a discussant for Sarah’s and Valentina’s paper.

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