Gladys Akom Ankobrey advises documentary on Dutch-Ghanaian youth

MO-TRAYL researcher Gladys Akom Ankobrey, who conducted 17 months of ethnographic fieldwork among young people of Ghanaian background in the Netherlands, gave advice to journalist Marnel Breure in the context of her research for a two-part documentary ('Hoe God verscheen in Ghana') on Christianity in Ghana and the Netherlands. The second part of this film zooms in on the role that Christianity plays in the lives of second-generation Dutch-Ghanaian youth. It was shown on national television (EO) on 11 July 2021. You can watch the documentary (in Dutch) online via this link:

Gladys also attended the sneak preview screening of the documentary on 9 July 2021 in Utrecht.

Still from documentary 'Hoe God verscheen in Ghana' (part 2).

Film preview screening in Utrecht, 9 July 2021.



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